Who We Are?

KOHENOOR INTERNATIONAL is a company with its inspections deeply rooted in agriculture business and company was formed in 1957 in south of Pakistan, Kohenoor International is the most recognized name in the agriculture industry both in Pakistan and worldwide. Company is specialized in production , processing , marketing & exporting wide range of seeds & agriculture products throughout Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa , & worldwide. Kohenoor International is specialized in Forage Seeds, Field Crops, Vegetable Seeds, Sprouting Seeds, Bird Seeds, Oil Seeds, Herbs, Spices, Grains & Cereals and other agricultural commodities. More than 75% of its sales are generated in export markets. Kohenoor International places the highest importance on its capability to provide sincere, reliable and personalize services to every customer.

Kohenoor International offering highly customer focus services with motive to provide right choice of demanding quality products and to expand its export market worldwide including the best possible prices are offered with prompt possible guaranteed shipment. Kohenoor International is proud to ensure personalized service for each and every customer and concentrates on the provisions of top quality Pakistani products for its export market. Company is flexible, versatile and highly customer focused, the company is well equipped and all the time willing to grip new products.

Kohenoor International welcomes you to be a part of our worldwide customer network