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is ISO 9001:2008 Certified supplier for Guar Seeds, Kohenoor International Established in 1957 and working with Production, R&D (Research & Developments) Marketing of Seeds. Guar Seeds is one of the major product of Kohenoor International, Guar Crop has multiple uses and at present the basic and large use of guar seeds is to Produce Gum which is using in different Industries and majorly using in oil drilling industry, food industry, cosmetics industry etc. Due to rapid increase in the demand of guar gum, the guar seeds growing areas are also increasing day by day. Kohenoor International is the producer and marketer of guar seeds for sowing and guar seed for industrial uses. Kohenoor International is working hard to supply quality guar seed varieties to its customers.

Kohenoor International is highly focused to maintain quality of its seeds and supply high quality selected material to its customers, company is supplying its products to worldwide and welcome all kind of enquiries, contact us freely for your needs and requirements.

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Guar is a Versatile legume Crop , it has multi uses the fresh green pods used to cook as vegetable, the green plant itself use as fodder for cattle, the guar also improve the soil as it use as green maturing. The Dry beans use for producing gum which has too many uses, if we say guar is a magical crop a crop of gold so it will be true.

Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) has been grown in Pakistan and India since long for fodder and vegetable, now it is wildly grown for the it’s world famous guar gum production. The guar is a crop of dry areas and drought resistance plants which can survive well in dry environments. It is also known as cluster beans.